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The Lighter Side of Real Estate Part 4

#16 - The beginnings of a tradition

Homeownership would not be possible for most Americans without a mortgage loan. Many of us do not remember the days of 15 to 20% interest rates and many mortgages ended with a balloon payment which was approximately the equivalent in size to a down payment. When a mortgage was paid off it was time to celebrate. This took many forms however the most notable with Burning of the Mortgage Documents. Homeowners would throw an elaborate party, guests would bring gifts and the evening would culminate with the burning of the documents. In its self this event signified that the home was owned free and clear of debt and this tradition evolved to what we know today and a Housewarming Party.

#15 - What A House

Real Estate is often a sign of the owner's stage of life. First-time home buyers, expanding families, and empty-nesters typically look for a home to meet their needs and stage of life. But what about the amenities? For one homeowner the amenity was a treehouse. Not just any treehouse this homeowner constructed the world’s largest treehouse the structure has over 80 rooms, 10 floors and took the builder over 14 years to build. We are not talking about a kid's hideout here.

#14 - Pass the Pizza

Have you ever seen the TV series “Breaking Bad”? One homeowner is not a fan. You may remember one scene of Bryan Cranston’s character throwing a pizza onto the roof of his New Mexico home. The scene was popular for fans but now so much for the current homeowner. Fran Padilla longtime owner of the property reports that in an 18 month period she has removed over 200 pizzas from the property. That's a lot of pizza.

Check in next time as we continue to count down the 25 unusual but true real estate facts. I couldn’t make this stuff up.

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