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Lighter Side of Real Estate Part 7

Welcome back as we count down 25 unusual but true facts about Real Estate.

#7 - Location, Location, Location

The three most important facts in Real Estate. This is especially true in New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, or Hawaii. These states actually ban outdoor maintenance chores during the week. If you need to mow the lawn, weed, or use a leaf blower you better get it done on Saturday.

#6 - Some Laws need to be changed.

This one is short and sweet. In Ohio, it is illegal to trap or kill a mouse in your home without a hunting permit. My guess is Ohio has the highest number of hunters in the country.

# 5 - Ready for a Move

According to the United States Census Bureau, the average American will move 12 times in their life. This includes rentals, starter homes, a home for the expanding family, and downsizing for empty nesters. I am up to 8. Where do you stand?

#4 - Making use of the available space.

We all look for ways to make use of the available space in our homes. The town of Nördlingen has actually taken this concept to an extreme. You see approximately 1000 years ago an asteroid hit the area leaving an enormous crater. Rather than being displaced the town decided to build on the remains of the asteroid and crater. To this day you can see the circular pattern of homes built in the area.

Join us next time as we continue to count down 25 unusual but true real estate facts.

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