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Lighter Side of Real Estate

We are down to our final three unusual but true Real Estate Facts. Let’s see what today has in store.

#3 - Be Nice and Share

Sharing is not the norm when it comes to real estate however in one case this is exactly what is happening. Hans Island in the North Atlantic is actually shared between Canada and Denmark. International Law gives countries the right to claim ownership of land within twelve miles of their own coastline. This places Hans Island, a vacant property in dispute. The two countries have a pretty good sense of humor about the matter and traditionally a Canadian Ship will plant their flag in the center of the Island and leave a bottle of Canadian Club Whiskey. After several months the Danish Navy will visit the island, plant their flag and leave a bottle of Danish Brandy. Naval officers will enjoy the other's gift and respectfully fold the other's flag. The next time you have a dispute with a neighbor try sharing a cocktail, it may shed new light on the matter.

#2 - There’s Oil in Them There Hills

The City of Los Angeles is known for a lot of things however oil is usually not one of them. The fact is LA is a thriving industrial complex pumping crude oil daily. Very few residents are even aware that this is the case and often walk or drive by with no clue of what’s happening in the area. LA has cleverly disguised the oil rigs by constructing vacant high-rise buildings to mask the unsightly industrial plants. That's what I call putting your best foot forward.

#1 - A Room with a View

We are all familiar with the Eiffel Tower, but did you know there is a 1,000 square foot apartment near the top of the tower. Gustov Eiffel was commissioned to design and build the structure and he constructed the apartment which he maintained ownership. Many aristocrats and VIPs offered Gustov over $1,000 per night to stay in the property, however, he never rented the space. In case you were wondering $1000 then would be today’s equivalent of $25,000. This gives meaning to a Room with a View.

Thank you for remaining with us as we counted down the top 25 unusual but true Real Estate Facts from around the world.

Ronnie Thomas Agent/BIC Alliance Real Estate Partners DBA - Two Hearts Realty 919-906-9097

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