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The Lighter Side of Real Estate Part 3

# 19 - The Highest Court in the Land

The United States Supreme Court is a symbol of justice in our country but there may be more to the name than meets the eye. Supreme Court Judges are appointed for life and many reports spending long hours within the confines of the Supreme Court Building. We most often hear of what takes place in the Court Room however many of the amenities are not often reported. On the fourth and fifth floors of the Supreme Court Building are offices, sleeping quarters, a full gym and fitness center as well as a full-sized basketball court. This gives new meaning to The Highest Court in the Land.

#18 - Recovery from the Housing Crash

When you think of the most expensive real estate in the country we often think of places such as New York, or LA. During the recovery of the housing crash of 2007 and 2008, the most logical locations of real estate wealth could not compare to that of Aspen CO. In 2010 the average price for a single-family home in Aspen was over $6 Million dollars. The lowest-priced single-family home to sell in Aspen was a single wide mobile home in a mobile home park with no land sold for $599,000.

#17 - The Empty Space Building

Better known as the Empire State Building when first constructed the building had a difficult time locating tenants and developed the moniker Empty Space Building. Today the Empire State Building earns approximately 70% of its operational budget from ticket sales to its observation deck.

Join us next time as we continue to count down the most unusual real estate facts from across the country.

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