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The Lighter Side of Real Estate

#22 - Sears to the Rescue

Older Americans remember the Sears Catalog. In my house, it was called the Wish Book. This is because the catalog containing thousands of products we wished for but could rarely afford. In the early 1900s, one could buy a complete home from Sears and many still exist today. These homes would be delivered to the building site in the form of materials, instructions, and in some cases even tools. Sears promoted that “Any man of reasonable strength, size and intelligence can assemble a Sears & Roebuck home. #21 - Cheap Land - Must have been a Buyers Market

Before becoming an actor and a politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger became a self-made millionaire by investing in real estate. Using the winnings from his Body Building competitions Arnold would invest in multifamily homes in his hometown. By the time Schwarzenegger was 22 he was officially a millionaire from his passive income. # 20 - Signage

The Hollywood sign has become an icon in California, but did you know that this was originally designed to be advertising for the new real estate community. Hollywood Hills was billed as a clean, healthful atmosphere and a beautiful outlook. Hollywood Hills was advertised as Above the turmoil of the city and grew to one of the most sought-after areas in Southern California.

Check back as we uncover more unusual real estate facts and take a look at the Lighter Side of Real Estate.

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