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Maintain your home: what you can do to keep it stunning

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Maintaining your home is an important responsibility as a homeowner and can prevent costly problems from arising, make mechanical systems last longer and have a positive impact on your home's value. Use the following worksheet to help you identify any home maintenance issues and repair them before they become more problematic and potentially more expensive. Spring/Summer Maintenance: Clean gutters and downspouts Inspect roof Check foundation, driveway, sidewalks, walkways for cracks and repair as necessary Inspect exterior for peeling paint, dry-rotted caulk - repaint and caulk Inspect attic, roof, and eaves for water damage, as well as for proper ventilation; open attic vents Service heating and air conditioning units and replace filters; replace or clean furnace filter Clean stove hood, grease traps, dryer vents, room fans and stove burners Replace faulty seals on refrigerator, clean coils Inspect basement for dampness and seal appropriately Replace seals and washers on leaky faucets Change batteries in smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detectors Check and replace dry-rotted weather stripping for all doors and windows Remove and clean storm windows Clean screens for windows and doors, replace if necessary Fall/Winter Maintenance: Professionally clean chimney and flue Clean gutters and downspouts, seal leak in gutter seams Remove window air conditioners Inspect sump pump Remove wasp nests, inspect for termites and wood rot Remove window and door screens - clean before storing Check storm windows - clean and repair before installing Drain and turn off outside faucets if in region with very cold winters Check insulation and replace if necessary Clean humidifier Clean fireplace Service heating and cooling systems Repair any plumbing leaks Oil door locks - this is especially important in regions with very cold winters Change batteries in smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detectors

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