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The Lighter Side of Real Estate Part 5

#13 - The Mall of America

When you hear the name Mall of America you conger up images of a massive facility filled with retail, food courts, and entertainment. The sheer size is impressive and the complex is a reflection of American know-how or ingenuity or is it. You see the Mall of American in not American-owned. In fact, the mall was a project of a company based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. It just goes to show that things are not always as they seem.

#12 - Facebook

Facebook in its self is not real estate, however in 2013 the multibillionaire and founder of Facebook decided to buy a home. Shortly after moving in Mark Zuckerberg heard that a developer was planning to buy properties in the community, renovate, and resale by advertising “Live next to Mark Zuckerberg.” Zuckerberg then decided to beat the developer to the punch and bought several properties in the area spending a total of $30 million dollars.

#11 -Hitler in California?

Through a number of German-owned companies, Adolph Hitler became the owner of a home near Malibu CA. The property was originally designed to be a retreat for Hitler supporters however many believe that the home would become a headquarter for Hitler himself once Germany launched a successful invasion of America’s west coast. It is not known if Hitler ever occupied the property but the thought can give you cold chills. Today the property is a nature preserve however, the home still stands.

Check in next time as we continue to count down the 25 unusual but true real estate facts. I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Ronnie Thomas


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